Just Imagine...

Suddenly every fan draws their breath with excitement and admiration, because there, before you in that stadium – projected by 40,000 fans is one of the most beautiful pictures you've ever seen: Tens of thousands fans' mobile lights flashing in perfect synchronized rhythm with the touch of one button.

The New Ritual

Before your eyes is the picture of your game ritual that actually glows with magnificent splendor…

We are as one...

It's almost as if your fans are one. A glowing tribute as your team parades into the stadium, you can actually see the glory of the sport come alive before your very eyes – so real you can feel it in your heart.

Every game...

These magnificent rituals will continue to thrill and astound and inspire fans and team alike for years to come.

Watch 47 second demo video below and imagine the possibilities...


We both know, increasing fan loyalty and boosting revenue at the same time isn't getting any easier. Competition for getting their attention and participation has driven cost through the roof. But the good news is you can get more fans, more often...

Emotion and Light

We've all seen fans already flash their phone lights randomly during matches…

And we can agree that fans are active and emotionally involved during the match...

You may know, research has proven people retain more when they're actively and emotionally involved...

Supported by technology

Now, FlashFans can convert the random flashes into organized and exciting light-flash shows…

Ads in Perfect Place and Perfect Timing

Plus, you can advertise messages on their phones directly in front of fans during the shows…

Therefore, fans see your advertisement at the most emotional moments...

high roi

As a result, FlashFans gives you very high ROI ad space. Space to sell or use for yourself…

Win-win. Fans have more fun... And you make more money!

Flashfans will do the magic

FlashFans can help your natches take on a magical force that gets fans more actively involved, and brings more revenue to your bottom line...

Imagine the joy, confidence, and almost sinful excitement you'll experience as the FlashFans show
around the arena...

Laci B. 

Imagine a mosaic...

FlashFans Stadium
As big as a stadium
Made of light

Operated instantly with a press of a button
That can take on as many shapes or pictures as you want during the game, static and flowing.
Whose size only depends on the number of fans participating in the show
(10 or 10,000 or more)
That gives the participants
a spectacular experience

The day you think there is no improvements to be made is a sad one for any player. 

Lionel Messi                 


If you’re planning to succeed in the business of football over the coming decade, you’ve now got just two choices left. You can come to terms with the fact that fans love to feel  they are helping their team. Or you can struggle to maintain (and likely lose) your profit margins and fan participation levels.

ROI analysis before you make any decision

  • How much is it worth to have fans having more fun than ever?
  • Plus have more fans come back more frequently?
  • How much is it worth to have fans positively participating in your matches?
  • And how much is it worth to you to have fans holding advertising space directly in front of them?

We can help make these values quantifiable and specific for you. Plus we’re happy to answer all of your questions. Simply contact us, with our compliments. No cost. No commitment. Free. If you like FlashFans? You can even try it for free.

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We’ll give you everything you need to make an informed decision.

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