If you want more revenue, studies prove fan participation increases it, here's a new and unique way to do both...

Is FlashFans a 'Good Business Deal'?

Can this Cheering Tool...

  • Increase fan spending during matches?
  • Bring in profitable ad revenue?
  • Boost purchases in between games?
  • Boost purchases in between games?Cause fans to attend more matches?
  • Create more supporters?

That's a pretty tall order. But even if there was just small improvement in any or all these areas, with no cost of acquisition, what would that mean to your operation? Not excited yet? Then...

Let's take this to a higher business level...

If FlashFans does all the above, plus creates a profit center for your club, plus…

  • It costs you nothing
  • We do all the work to orchestrate it
  • You have 100% of the control
  • We get your current fans buying more
  • We get your current fans buying more often
  • Get your current fans who haven't attended in a long time reactivated
  • Bring in new supporters who have never attended before
  • Taking 'fandom' to a new level
  • Come out with fabulous new services on a continuous basis that make you tons more profit but have no cost in developing
  • Have attendees bring more companions

... Then, will you gibe FlashFans a shot?

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We'll give you everything you need to make an informed decision.

Or, let's look at the core features, then we’ll see how you can use them.

Create New Standards Using both Sides of Fans’ Phones…

In addition to the spectacular experience, FlashFans is also a new medium for your ads.
Your fans enjoy the light show and your club profits from sponsors’ deals.
Ready for some more?

Front Side

This is what fans see when they are flashing
Perfect for sponsor ads and club messages
Tens of thousands of mobile phones flashing looks pretty cool, and... 

All the while, during this emotional time, your messages and advertisements stare fans right in the face!

Back Side

Fire up your team - Imagine 20,000 or 
more flashes lighting up your stadium.

And thousands of fans randomly win giveaway prizes, everything from free drinks, to sponsor specials, to free or discounted game tickets... 

From a single flash show! (don't worry, we'll show you how to do it so it won't cost you dime)

Both Sides

Here’s how it looks when your fans engage.

Watch as slow periods are charged up – energize your fans into participating with “giveaways” to win prizes (paid for by sponsors) – magically perk up the match with renewed energy. Best of all, it takes no plaques, no hassle, no elaborate gimmicks... and you can see actual results during the match

Energize your fans

Watch as slow periods are charged up – energize your fans into participating with “giveaways” to win prizes (paid for by sponsors) – magically perk up the match with renewed energy. Best of all, it takes no plaques, no hassle, no elaborate gimmicks... and you can see actual results during the match.

But… How will you know FlashFans is producing results?

Here are some key measurements...

  • Are a good number of fans flashing during matches?
  • Do snack and beverage sales go up when you promote them?
  • Are overall sales up during matches?
  • Are people posting FlashFan shows on social media like Youtube and Facebook?
  • Is fan attendance on an upswing over several games?
  • Has traditional media picked it up and run positive stories about it?
  • Do you see a boost in between games sales?

However, when you raise the bar, you’re now out-stepping the competition and creating new standards. Now you’re creating new sources of income and opportunity.

Light Album - What is Inside?

The Album Playlist is a powerful concept that provides several features your club can benefit from. Learn more below or download the pdf document.

Customized App

For a highly social app, it is a must to have customization options for a special look and feel for the event. An Album contains all these customization options, e.g. colors and background according to your brand.
This way, each event can have its own customized app, without the hassle to publish them in the app stores. All you need is a new Album to change the look and feel for your next event.

Flashes With Images

Flashes are light effects of a pattern of camera flash blinks. They are the main attraction in a game.
Each Flash has a page with an image. The images of pages are hints for Flashes and are great to impress the fans (e.g. with memorable moments of the team).

Chants of the Team

Wicked tactics and a cunning 'bag of tricks' will keep your game on top...

While swiping between Flashes short texts (eg. chants) can pop up. They can engage the fans or they can be places for short ad texts/slogans.

Plus, your fans can engage in contests designing the most exciting flash chants!

You wanna flash through fresh powerful and awesome shows that people remember and post on social media?

They’re actually easy to master, once you know the shortcuts. We're more than happy to walk you through them in our executive briefing.

Do you agree with these core assumptions?

5 things you must know about fan participation before your next game
  • First, let's agree fans are already cheering, and can we agree there are some events where supporters participate by turning on the light and flashing their mobile phones? Good.
  • And can we agree that fans are actively and emotionally engaged during a match, and even more so when they are cheering?
  • Third, would it surprise you to learn that fans have a higher retention level when they are actively involved – things are simply more impactful (this has been proven in studies by Motorola University, Columbia, Harvard, and many others).
  • Fourth, would you agree that advertising during active and emotional times is more valuable because of higher retention of the message? As a result, would it follow advertisers would pay for such ads? If so, let's continue...
  • Now this fifth question is a little trickier, would it be likely that fans would participate to win free giveaway prizes if all they need to do is tap their phone button? Now you might answer “it depends” to this question.

So, to help with the fifth question, imagine this scenario for a second, imagine you are actively participating in light flash shows, imagine that during the flash shows, participants regularly and randomly win prizes supplied by sponsors - and YOU win one! Thousands of prizes. 

If you agree with these five core assumptions, read on because you’re in for a pleasant surprise

Value, if you don't get results like this, you DON'T PAY...

Results you can expect, for profit, use for match day experience, improve your team, or to invest in customer experience, or? Use our suggested numbers, or input your own estimates...

  • Game concession sales could increase by $2 or more. That can mean an additional $40,000 $80,000 you would never have had for every single home match. If you just use FlashFans for 10 games per year, that's an extra $400,000 to $800,000 in new found revenue over the course of the year, year-in-year-out!
  • Revenue from sponsors could bring another $8,000 per game, at the rate of 20 cents or more per seat. 
  • Sales of club merchandise between games could add $15 or more per year, possibly much more with contest and giveaways. Times 40,000 fans, that would add up to $60,000 or more yearly.
  • How much is it worth to be seen as a fandamic innovator, and to strengthen your reputation as leading edge? It means fans will be doing your marketing, suddenly word of mouth sends people to your matches and buy your products - what that means is for every increased sale you got, there was zero cost of acquisition. This is easily tens of thousands of dollars in new found value.
  • What is the value of Youtube, Facebook and other social media posts? This too could amount to tens of thousands of dollars year after year!
  • And having more satisfied employees. Often overlooked, but if employee ratings go up, more satisfied employees have less stress, less stress means fewer sick days. Fewer sick days means reducing a big expense – and more satisfied workers are more productive - a potential double benefit!
  • How much is one new fan worth to you? If you get four new fans, what's that worth? Even using modest averages per fan, over the course of a year you could expect $200 for tickets $50 in concession revenue, plus $120 product purchases. Most fans attend over a period of many years, if we use 5 years what's that number? $1860. Add an occasional companion would raise that number to over $2,000.
  • How much is it worth to keep fans you would have lost? Hint, it's the same value as getting a new fan! How much is it worth to keep more fans? Hint, it's the same value as getting a new fan!
  • Bring back fans that have stopped coming. Some fans simply stop attending matches, could some regain interest from all the new buzz? It would be likely some number will. Again, the value of bringing back a fan is the same as getting a new one, about $1,860.

Rather than depending on just the same old traditional forms of cheering that work to varying degrees,

why not cheer different with FlashFans light show?

and keep your fans motivated throughout the match?

Imagine how good they'll feel when flash cheering is so easy to do...

all the cheering is in their pocket...

when their game energy stays high during the entire game...

imagine how good you'll feel making money everytime they use FlashFans. 

enjoy soaring fan engagement, PLUS boost your revenue, faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.


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Ad Materials

Common objectives include things like:
Create more active participation... And more active purchases during game and season.

FlashFans provides a new powerful medium for you, or for your sponsor’s ads. The fans can download the album in advance. During the event, fans can play and use the offline content in the most engaging moments.

Full-screen Pop-up Ad

To catch the most exciting moments.

Fans play Flashes at the most emotional moments. You can assign full-screen pop-up ads for each Flash so you can have these displayed when their impact is highest.

Fans get inspired and cheer with greater exhilaration, effectiveness and ease, while generating revenue for you -  plus have all the cheering you need right in the palm of their hand!

Objectives, what you can use additional revenue for?

Take for example using extra revenue for seat improvement. Imagine the last time you sat in a really comfortable seat. Felt good, didn't it.

Picture this to yourself! Next big game you go down to your stadium – the same stadium that had okay seat cushions for years. You made only one simple change to that stadium, so easy that your sixteen year old could do it. But now, when fans sit down, a feeling of comfort engulfs them. Each and every seat now has a 'form fit' cushion. From the very first moment to the last one, your fans feel that much better about going to the game.

This is just one of many things you can do with the increased revenue created by FlashFans.

According to independent surveys, common objectives for fans and club owners include things like:

  • Upgrading stadium facilities
  • Improving customer service
  • Getting more fans
  • Boosting fan royalty
  • Retain more supporters
  • Increasing revenue
  • Be the leading edge in fan support
  • Increasing your reputation
  • Improving ticket faciities
  • ​Increase bonuses to retain top talent.
  • Be more competitive in hiring.
  • Be a more valuable team – more attractive to the public and investors
  • Invest in club expansion.
  • Increase aesthetics
  • Improve reputation
  • More comfortable seating
  • Better customer service
  • More safety

Which objectives are important to you, your fans and your organization?

You can get started right here by downloading FlashFans application and using the thrilling 3 hour game plan recently discovered by emotional economics experts to ignite fan passion, even when you're having a bad run during the season... (no matter how long the team's been in a rut!) It’s a game changing strategy...

Or, get our executive briefing for more details on increasing active participation – more active fans and more purchases during game and season. Including the 'Two Peak Exciter Flash' (simple yet long lasting excitement is assured) as 50,000 cell phone lights flash in unison... In a unique flash show using nothing more than fans' cell phones...

Plus, tapping tricks you can use for your next match to look like a fireworks show .. fluid staccato and legato tactics that give you instant flash credentials ... sweet picking motions that automatically double flashing (and winning) speed the first time you use them… And a ton more from our executive briefing!

Of course, you need to get the word out to your fans....

It’s really simple, you use your well established channels to distribute the Album link to your fans (our Executive briefing can give you more ideas)
Whether it's a show with 20 fans or 55,000 fans…

Whether it's a show with 20 fans or 55,000 fans…
The steps are the same. All you do is:

  • Go to the link, pick your show from 3 standard shows
  • Enter date and time you want the show to run
  • Distribute the link to your fans via your social and traditional media

Then, all your fans do is…

  • Follow your link received from social media.
  • Download the app
  • During match time, fans start the flash show
  • The flash shows will automatically flash during the game

The Album is only four taps away!

We made it as easy as humanly possible

For more sophisticated shows, simply contact us.

BANG your show together with your fans

Start your journey

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Gain Revenue for Your Club

Learn more how to gain revenue and engage your fans enjoying the light show you provided for them.


Your sponsors are waiting for hot new opportunities for getting the most out of your team.
Think of the advantage your club will have, when you can jumpstart any lull in the game, or heighten any high point, and then increase revenue everytime fans flash!
Envision the impression you make on fans and media, when fans post videos on You Tube, and sports media raves about your shows, elevating your team to celebrity status – as the club you can count on for a good time, winning-or-losing the match!

Learn more how the Voucher concept of FlashFans makes it available.

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Finally, feel in control and fully confident in your ability to get your fans actively involved. And never feel the confusion or struggle in your ability to get fans roused up (and make money at the same time)

Laci Blum
CEO and founder of FlashFans
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