If you want more revenue, studies prove fan participation increases it, here's a new and hip way to do both...

Music To Your Ears: Make More Money From Your Gigs - Part One

Embarrassingly-Easy Money Making Short-Cuts that can quickly help turn your concert (whether raw or Hollywood's best) into 'blow away other concerts' mega light show status.

If you're a musician, or working with musicians, you probably didn't start to get rich. Most likely it's your passion, it's who you are, what you do, you love it and get satisfaction from it.

Still, why do so many great musicians make so little money?

One of the reasons is they don't maximize the business side. It's sobering, but ignore generating revenue, and you may as well kiss music as a career good-bye.

On the other hand, if you heed the money-making advice I Enter date and time you want the show to run offer you in this report (and in our 'Executive Briefing'), not only will you add substantial income during and between concerts... you'll do it with minimum effort.

So... Let's hit some business tunes and dig into A little detail about how FlashFans can make you more money. Including...

  • Get more fans flocking to your gigs
  • Increase fan spending during shows
  • Bring in profitable ad revenue
  • Boost purchases in between concerts
  • Cause fans to attend more shows
  • Create more raving fanatics
  • Provide more lucrative gigs

That's a pretty tall order. But if all we did was orchestrate a small improvement in any or all these, with no cost of acquisition, what would that mean to your events? Not excited enough? Then...

Let's take this to a crescendo...​

If FlashFans does all the above, plus creates an ensemble of profit centers for you which…

  • costs you nothing, zero, zippo, zilch…
  • …we do all the work to orchestrate it…
  • …where you have 100% of the control…
  • …and we get your current fans buying more…
  • …we get your current fans buying more often…
  • …and get your current fans who haven’t attended in a long time reactivated
  • …and bring in new followers who have never attended before…
  • …as well as taking 'fandom' to a new level…
  • …and come out with a fanfare of new services continuously making you tons more profit but have little cost…
  •, have attendees bring more companions...

…Then, will you take this as your cue to try it?

SIMPLY CALL US AT +44 2032398881

We'll give you everything you need to make an informed decision.

​If you don't know what FlashFans is, simply watch 30 seconds of this hush, hush demo where a handful of fans decided to give a surprise by flashing their phone lights in unified rhythm.

Breakaway from the pack with simple head-turning light tricks that come alive with your phone light​.

Get the Chops Using Both Sides of Fans’ Phones…

Imagine the fantastic thrill as your band sets up and thousands of lights pulsate in unison. Their cadence flowing into a crescendo as you shred your first notes...
In addition to the stunning riff, FlashFans is also a new medium to communicate messages and informative adverts.
Your fans groove with the light show and you profit from sponsors’ messages on the phone face.
Ready for the prelude?

FRONT SIDE – Focus on what the fans want

This is what fans see when they are flashing, perfect for paid ads and club messages

Thousands of phones flashing looks pretty cool, and... All the while, during this emotional time, your messages and advertisements stare fans right in the face!

BACK SIDE – Flash riff you see from the stage

Fire up your gig - Imagine thousands of rhythmic flashes lighting up your event

Plus, you can have thousands of fans randomly win giveaway prizes. Everything from free drinks, signed photos and t-shirts, or meet the artists, to sponsor specials, free or discounted tickets or other merchandise specials... Before, during, and after your gig. Darn good reason to participate in the light show and social media posts! (don't worry, we'll show you how to do it so it won't cost you a dime) 

BOTH SIDES – Double your pleasure, double their fun

Inject more fun - Here’s how it looks when your fans engage

Watch as you energize your fans with your performance and “giveaways” – magically intensify your concert with energy. Best of all, it takes no hassle, no elaborate gimmicks... and you can see actual results during your performance.

Do you want a first taste? Get the Flashfans demo link!

  • Click here for the link.
  • Distribute it to your fans through your social media.
  • Ask fans to use it in your concert.
  • To see how it works for your selected song, please contact us for a customized demo.

But… How will you know FlashFans is resonating and producing results?

Here are some key measurements…

  • Are lots of fans flashing?
  • Do snack and beverage sales go up when you promote them?
  • Are overall merchandise sales up during and between events?
  • Are people posting and commenting on social media like Youtube and Facebook?
  • Is fan attendance on an upswing over several concerts?
  • Has traditional media picked it up and run positive stories about it?
  • Do you see in between concerts activity boost?

When you see some or all of these, you know you've struck a chord, fans are engaged and you're boosting income. Plus you're raising the bar out-performing peers and creating new standards.

Light Album - What is Inside?

​The light album contains the flash riffs you've selected or created to play, plus the images and text fans will see on the face of their phones. You can tweak it for each gig.

enjoy soaring fan engagement, PLUS boost your revenue, faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.


Please fill in your details and we will contact you shortly.

CUSTOMIZED APP – Orchestrate your own themes, tempo and more...

​We'll engage your fans with powerful and nasty customization options. Serenade your fans with bad-ass colors and messages.

Bottom line, each event can have its own fresh customized app. All you need is a new Album to change the look and feel for your next event. We'll get you flashing with wicked shows fans remember and post on social media. It's easy to master, once you know the shortcuts. We're more than happy to walk you through them and give you more ideas in our executive briefing.

Of course you can start with one of our standard shows, it just takes a couple of minutes – then customize later.

FLASHES WITH IMAGES  on the face of fans' phones

Give them encores with bad-ass pictures that "punch-up" your show, they can be fireworks, or your own special shots...

Simply put, it works like this, in-between and during flash shows images and short text can pop up on the phone face. It can be pics or text of wicked licks, perhaps a cunning "bag of tricks" of the coolest images ever assembled for your band.

FAN CHANTS trade licks with your fans

Get them singing along the hottest songs on cue with the right images... 

You'll own the gigs you play in. And rock your band to top of mind and top of charts!

One more thing, your fans can engage in contests such as designing the most exciting flash rips, gaming tricks and more! These are truly advanced “maestro” techniques. We discuss these and more in our Executive Briefing where we look at how you can maximize revenue and branding.

Demand Creates Income Dude - Learn the art of music earnings...

Let's hit a few core economic assumptions:

  • Fans are already cheering, and often they participate by turning on their phone light and flashing. You may know that 70% or more fans use their phone during concerts.
  • Can we agree that fans are actively and emotionally engaged during concerts, and even more so when they are cheering?
  • It may surprise you to learn that fans have a higher retention level when they are actively involved – things are simply more impactful (this has been proven in studies by Motorola University, Columbia, Harvard, and many others).
  • You should know, advertising during active and emotional times is more valuable because of higher emotional impact of the message. As a result advertisers pay for such ads.
  • Now this is a little trickier – but if you think about it (and game theory proves to be true), it's likely your fans would participate to win free giveaway prizes if all they need to do is tap their phone button. Now you might answer “it depends” to this specific note...

Imagine how you feel to win during (before and after) a concert. Pretty good I imagine!

What can you do to make your gig stand out from the crowd? Do FlashFans right and you'll have...

  • Something that will make fans take notice
  • Something they'll remember long after your performance
  • Something fans will post on social media and tell their friends about
  • Something People will make an effort to come back again and again for

And you can have a light show lickety-split...

​By adding a simple flash show to your next concert, you'll be the leader and you'll get bragging rights. This is a powerful brand strengthener...

Or you can wait like most everyone else does. You can see that fans are groovin doing melodic light shows. Then, like everybody else, you can jump in on the “me-too” bandwagon. That rarely works really well. It's about like saying you're the next Apple. Yeah, of course you are.

No shucking and jiving – the Need for speed

For a demo show you can have in literally minutes, here's what to do now...

  • Follow this link.
  • Distribute the link to your fans via your social and traditional media
  • Fans download the app and the light album using only 4 taps
  • During show time, fans start the flash show
  • The demo flash shows will automatically flash during the concert

Laci Blum
PS: After you've gotten a few FlashFans shows under your belt, you'll want to look at part two of this article and really intensify making money from your gigs. In part two, you'll learn...​

  • How to use simple street level psychology (the oldest and easiest to understand psychology in the world) to quickly figure out what messages to communicate to your fans. Get their undivided attention and hook them so thoroughly, they can't wait to participate.
  • How to use the easiest tactics to make sure you are never at a loss of what to do to motivate your fans whenever you want them to look at your messages. (This tactic ensures that you never suffer from “unseen ads” again)
  • How to use your fans to do your bragging for you (which they will do eagerly and with passion). This means you'll get a stronger brand – and that can lead to higher quality (moneymaking) gigs.
  • How so many in the music industry approach their advertising all wrong – and the simple tweak that get your miles ahead of everyone else.
  • What never to do during a FlashFans show. And much more...