Music To Your Ears: Make More Money From Your Gigs Part Two

One of the biggest skills that separate million dollars bands from the 'also rans' is their ability to put on a bad-as show plus convert each performance into brand building and income production.

If you want to be in the money, FlashFans can help you do just that. inject more fun and excitement into your gigs. Display cool images and compelling messages on the face of fans phones for them to see while they're flashing your performance in staccato rhythm. They're engaged, emotionally excited and highly receptive!

If you don't know what FlashFans is, simply watch 30 seconds of this <hush hush demo> where a handful of fans decided to give a surprise by flashing the phone lights in unified rhythm.

Get bragging rights... and pocket easy cash. Read on because you’re in for a pleasant surprise...

First, this cool flash show gives your fans an upbeat burst of energy! New fans, old fans, raving, rabid fans, ALL fans! But this is just the beginning, you can...

Increase purchases during gigs, and within two or three concerts, you see more merchandise sales – without your even spending one red cent. Simply display specials that fans want (two-for-ones, event t-shirts, giveaways, etc)

Use FlashFans as a fan boosting tool to automatically create pre and post event contests and rituals. Automatically gets fans participating in social media posts and comments. Running a contest on social media is a powerful way to generate buzz, increase engagement, boost fan count and build your email list. 

You can even get them competing to make playlists – fan designed light shows, great, cool, inspiring choruses boost fan passion with rhythmic precision! Our customization features allow fans to create their own rhythm the light beats to.

Get sponsors jamming with masses of money and prizes (more than you can imagine)! In time you can see giveaway prizes so valuable, so in demand, that you can hardly believe how many fans are participating – and how many are winning!

HUGE bucks, if you don't get results like this, you DON'T PAY...

Money in the bank results. What would you use the extra income for? Would put some into the bank? Invest to improve the concert day experience? Or invest in fan experience between concerts, or?

Let's look at where some of this money can come from. Use our suggested numbers, or input your own estimates...

  • Increase concert merchandise sales by $2 or more. How much can that mean for your next gig? How much is that in new found revenue for each every single gig over the course of the year, year-in-year-out?
  • Revenue from sponsors – at 20 cents per attendee – how much can that bring in per event?
  • Sales of merchandise between events could add $15 or more per year, possibly much more with contest and giveaways. Times the number of you fans, how much would that add up to yearly?
  • How much is it worth to be seen as a fandamic innovator, and to strengthen your reputation as leading edge? It means fans will be doing your marketing, suddenly word of mouth sends more people to your shows and buy your merchandise - what that means is for every increased sale you got, there was zero cost of acquisition. This is easily thousands of dollars in new found value. How much value could it be for you?
  • What is the value of Youtube, Facebook and other social media posts? This too could amount to thousands of dollars year of free promotion after year – how much could it mean for you?
  • And having more satisfied professionals involved with your group? Often overlooked, but satisfaction ratings go up, more satisfied players have less stress, less stress means fewer sick days. Fewer sick days means reducing a big expense – and more satisfied workers are more productive - a potential double benefit! What value would you place on that?
  • How much is one new fan worth to you? If you get four new fans, what's that worth? Even using modest averages per fan, over the course of a year how much could you expect? Income from tickets, revenue from concession sales, plus merchandise purchases. Most fans attend over a period of many years, if we use 5 years what's that number? Add an occasional companion and referral. What's that number?
  • How much is it worth to keep more fans? Hint, it's the same value as getting a new fan!
  • Bring back fans that have stopped coming. Some fans simply stop attending,  could some regain interest from all the new buzz? It would be likely some number. Again, the value of bringing back a fan is the same as getting a new one.

Rather than depending on just the same old traditional forms of cheering that work to varying degrees, why not cheer different with FlashFans light show... and keep your fans motivated throughout the show? Imagine how good they'll feel when flash cheering is so easy to do... all the cheering is in their pocket... when their concert energy stays high during the entire gig... imagine how good you'll feel making money every-time they use FlashFans.

AD CHOPS... What to advertise? Focus on what your fans want...

And connect it to your brand. What they want varies with time and circumstance. Before the concert, or during intermission, would a FREE home style pretzel with the purchase of two large drinks interest them? At anytime, a sponsor special would be OK. Near the end of your performance, could a discount or add-on premium with CD sales or event t-shirts be of value?
This is a new advertising medium during your concerts. Why? Because while fans are flashing, the face of their phone is staring right at them. Display the right messages, you'll create more active engagement... Plus more active purchases during each concert and tour.

​NEVER waste the impact of this fantastic medium FULL-SCREEN POP-UP AD...

You can make full-screen pop-up ads (or brand messages) for each Flash show so you can have these displayed when their impact is highest.

Fans get inspired and cheer with greater exhilaration, effectiveness and ease, while generating revenue for you -  plus have all the cheering you need right in the palm of their hand!

Make more money, what can you with it?

Of course you can live a better lifestyle and tuck some money into the bank. But make sure you put some back into your fans. Anywhere from 10% to 50% or more into the fan experience.

Picture this. As a fan, you just bought two tickets to your next gig. Low and behold, with your tickets you get a coupon for 2 FREE drinks. How does that make you feel? Pretty good I bet.

From the very first moment to the last one after your concert, you can make fans feel that much better about going to your next gig.

Other things you can do with your increased income include:

  • Upgrading your equipment and special effects
  • Improving fan communication and service
  • Getting more fans and boosting fan loyalty
  • Be the leading edge in fan support and engagement
  • Increase reputation and brand with higher quality gigs and aesthetics
  • Increase pay to get and retain top talent.
  • Be a more valuable and showy group – more attractive to the public and sponsors

Which of these are most important to you and your fans?

Get our executive briefing for more details on increasing active participation – more active fans and more purchases during game and season. Including the 'Two Peak Exciter Flash' (simple yet long lasting excitement is assured) as thousands of phone lights flash in unison... In a unique flash show using nothing more than fans' cell phones...

enjoy soaring fan engagement, PLUS boost your revenue, faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.


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Plus, tapping tricks you can use for your next event to look like a fireworks show ... fluid staccato and legato flash tactics that rock-on... sweet picking motions that automatically double flashing (and winning) speed the first time you use them… And a ton more from our executive briefing!

Of course, you need to get the word out to your fans...

It’s really simple, you use your well established channels to distribute the light album link to your fans (our Executive briefing can give you more ideas)

Whether it's a show with 20 fans or 55,000 fans…

The steps are the same. Follow this link to experience how is it going with our demo light album.

We made it as easy as humanly possible - For more sophisticated shows, simply contact us following this link.


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BANG your show together with your fans

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A final note...


You can create head turning shows in your very next gig, with total confidence and fluidity. You (and/or your fans) can create flash shows in any style you're into that just blazes and comes alive during your concert.    
And you are suddenly the coolest concert in town. You'll own the shows.
And dig this: You can, if you like... Use FlashFans for free, but the custom version only for a limited time, so don’t beat around the bush too long!
Envision the impression you make on fans and media, when fans post videos on YouTube, and music media raves about your shows, elevating you band to rock-star status.
Learn more how FlashFans makes it available.


Customize your FlashFans according to the party or concert. Give your guests an unforgettable experience with customized light effects and app just for the event.
Your sponsors are waiting for hot new opportunities for getting the most out of your events.
Think of the advantage you'll have, when you can heighten any high point, and then increase revenue everytime fans flash!
We have a FREE version, but the custom version is free for a limited time only.
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Finally, feel in control and fully confident in your ability to get your fans actively involved. And never feel the confusion or struggle in your ability to get fans roused up and partying.​

Laci Blum
CEO and founder of FlashFans
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