For fans

Is it free for the fans?

Yes, using FlashFans is free of charge for the fans.

Do I need internet to use it?

Most of the time no. Your app will let you know if it needs.

You need to download the light album and every now and then the app needs Internet for syncing. In average case, you don’t need Internet for up to three hours.

Do we have to start the flash playing at the same time?

No, FlashFans takes care of the rhythm.

What is a light album?

light album is a collection of light-patterns and look and feel elements. Most of the light albums are created for specific events like football games or concerts.

How do I get a light album?

Before events occur you receive a light album link from your club social media (e.g. it is printed to your ticket, via email or posted on a Facebook event or Twitter). You can install the app and download your light album as well using this single link.

I have a light album link. What is next?

Following the link leads you to the appropriate app store. You need to download install FlashFans app. After starting the app, confirm the download in the pop-up dialog. This will make the light album download and your app is set according to the light album. You can see the Flashes and the look and feel according to event.

Can I use a light album link for another event?

You can have as many light albums as you want, but only one light album is active at the same time. To use another light album you need to download it. This will overwrite the current light album.

Enjoy it.

Is it possible to order a light album?

Yes, it is possible. For details please contact us at info@flashfans.club.

What smartphones do you support?

Currently, we support Android 4.1+ and iPhone (iOS 8.0+).

How can I invite my friends to flash together?

At the top left side of the screen, tap share. Choose the way to share (e.g.: email). Your friend will receive the light album link that (s)he can follow to install the app and join to the fun.

For club owners

How can I gain revenue using FlashFans?

Cheering with FlashFans is a spectacular fun,  at the same time fans provide the best spot for you ads: their own smartphone display just in front of them.

All this happens at the perfect time at the highest emotional peak when something actionable happens for the fans. This makes FlashFans a unique ad distribution medium.

You can sell these high-value spots to your sponsors.

How can I order a light album?

Currently the only way to order a light album is by contacting us at info@flashfans.club. Later we will provide a “show editor” where you can edit the whole light album as you need.

What can I customize inside a light album?

The look and feel, custom ads and the light-patterns. Learn more here.

How frequently does an ad appear in the app?

In the current version, a popup ads appear any time the user plays a Flash.

For sponsors

Why is FlashFans different from any other ad platforms?

The proper emotional timing is the key for a great ad. We do not only provide the targeted audience but we let your ads to be shown in the perfect emotional moments.

What is the benefit using FlashFans?

Because of its emotionally charged nature, the ads placed in FlashFans are perfect for branding your company, product or service.


What type of ads can I include to a light album?

You can have

  • Static banners,
  • Full-screen pop-up ads,
  • Slogans,
  • Image for each flash

See light album Insides.

How do the ads appear?

Once the fan downloads the light album, they will see the image of the current Flash.

After the start, the image of the current Flash appears with the series of optional cheering chants.

Once the fan plays a Flash, the ad pops up after a given second with a little attention-grabbing vibration.

For more information, see light album Insides.

Where can I place ads?

You can include an image for each Flash, a popup images for Flashes and texts in place of “cheering chants”. Although, these all can be customized you don’t have to use all of them.