Is this innovation the future of cheering?

Is this innovation the future of cheering?


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Beyond Mosaics and Mexican Waves: Why old school must make way for this innovative fan experience – it makes participating during the match more exciting.


Minimum effort, maximum results: Sell the place out regardless of team record or players by adding more fun and value to the match – plus make fans more loyal year-to-year… And more!


From Laci Blum – Leading mobile technology expert:


It’s been known by fans and organizers alike for thousands of years: Fans like to participate in events. Whether it’s simply jumping up and shouting, holding up Mosaic cards, or more recently flashing their mobile phone lights; their cheering participation affects how memorable the event is.


But organizers have been have been missing the boat. They’ve practically been ignoring the most powerful fan cheering and advertising medium during game time that fans have ever had… their MOBILE PHONES!


Documentation: The vast majority of fans bring their mobile phone, and most use it during the event. (1) But, everytime you set foot into an event, organizers use the same old school methods for cheering. Organizers rarely even think to use fans’ mobile phones during the match for cheering or for messages to the fans.


In fact, fan cheering and participation is commonly called the “12th man” in football because it affects the performance and excitement of the match. It’s often seen on social media, even traditional media picks it up.


Documentation: Decades of research, including the most respected institutions on the planet prove that fan participation motivates players, increases media exposure, and makes for a more memorable match for participants. (2)


The more fans participate, the more loyal they become, plus they come to more matches and post on social media.


Documentation: It’s just common sense (and there are plenty of studies proving it). In fact the whole “gamification” industry is built on that premise, with 70% of Global 200 firms planning to use gamification to boost brand awareness. (3)


Consequently, fans are already using their mobile phones during matches, but currently only on a random, or, at best on a semi-organized basis (for example they participate by turning on their phone light in a show of support).


Documentation: Shows like these Disturb and Ruzsa Magdi shevents (and many others), show fans flashing their phones at concerts. (4)


Fans’ mobile phones have the capacity to flash its lights – simultaneously displaying messages and advertisement on the face of the phone. Even more, like notes to music, fans can flash their phone lights ‘off’ and ‘on’ in total melodic synchronized unison, so tens, or tens of thousands, of fans.


This boosts fan participation and increases revenue (by raising brand awareness, more memorable experience, attending more games and more).


Documentation: Mobil phone experts have created a new application that can be downloaded prior to an event, it automatically flashes the light in coordinated fashion, and displays messages and ads of the phone face during the event’s times – WITHOUT the need for internet connection during the event. (5)


And now a new company called ‘FlashFans’ is the only source to give you everything you ever need to quickly and simply create a melodic light show for your next event – using nothing more than your fans’ mobile phones. During the light shows, event messages, sponsor ads, and excitement generating pictures are displayed on the face as the phone is held to participate in the show.


Documentation: They have put together the most simple, yet powerful cheering features. They’re all in a single, easy-to-use application called FlashFans. (6)


This mobile phone cheering device contains all the tools you need to inspire your fans to actively participate during (and between) matches, attend matches more often, and spend more money.


Documentation: It also provides an ‘Executive Briefing’ which tells you exactly what steps to take and when . It’s all arranged very easily and conveniently and these secrets are based on what’s worked for thousands of events. (7)


If you follow the simple but powerful guidelines in the briefing, you’ll boost fan loyalty and increase your revenue during and in between matches.


Documentation: Again this is all backed by the research from leading organizations on fan development, social economics, and a long list of case studies. (8)


I want to give you the Executive briefing FREE, so you can put these secrets to work and experience stronger fan loyalty, more media exposure, and increased revenue. Innovative secrets that take cheering to the next level. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


As a bonus, you will be given a cool FlashFans light show you can use absolutely FREE. You can see sample light shows here.


This release has been sent to Richard Branson, professional football teams, and key entertainers.


This is a limited time offer, so it makes sense to check this right now and not let this opportunity slip away.


Yours for a better fan experience,


Laci Blum


PS: Easy on, easy off, and quick as a flick of your finger. Catch our next blog and see how FlashFans will climax on July 1st!





Motorola University: Creating Mindware for the 21st Century, Corporate University Xchange May/June 1996, Vol 2 No 3 and NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, 300 N. Lee Street, Suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22314.






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