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What is FlashFans?

​An Analogy

Let me use an analogy. Imagine how musical instruments relate to music...

Well that's how the light in your fans mobile phones relate to a flash show.


Like in music, the conductor orchestrates the instruments into enjoyable rhythmic sounds.

In a flash show, FlashFans orchestrates the mobile flashes into inspiring light shows.

Simplicity that makes the difference

Just like a few simple notes of music, FlashFans comes down to a few simple flashes of light that makes the difference between a good experience and a great one!

The Key Players

There are three key players in a FlashFans show.


All fans, from the hardcore, to the weekend warrior, to the first timer dad bringing his kids.


Who coaxes a harmonious symphony of inspiring light shows from your fans' mobile phones (this is what FlashFans does).

And Finally, THE light album

The playlist of flash shows. You can start with our standard shows. Later you can master them, and you can author an infinite variety of light melodies that are flash music to your fans’ senses


The Cheering Technology

All three key players come together to cheer with greater inspiration, greater effectiveness and ease... plus generate revenue, and have all the cheering you need right in the palm of your hand!

Just a tap of a button...

And it’s all automatic. We provide all the technology and infrastructure. As soon as you set it up and hit the “play” button before the game, it runs automatically.

More fun

You will likely discover that you are suddenly having more fun watching the match than you ever imagined, effortlessly coming upon flash shows, and flash cheering which inspires fans and teams alike - in scores of amazing ways you could have never orchestrated with traditional cheering tools.

Let's go for the details!

Are you with me?  Here, let me show you a little more...

Best of all. You can try it FREE.



Get the link

Your club or band publishes it through social media. Your friends can also share it to you.

Install the app

Following the link takes you to the appropriate store to install the FlashFans player app.

Confirm the light album

When opening the app, you can confirm the download of the light album for your event.

Flash on Action

​Play the flash effect any time you like to form a spectacular light show.

What is a light album?

Flashes plus...

An light album is a collection of flashes and look & feel elements. It can be updated game by game to always stay exciting. You will not only get the images refreshed but you will also receive the latest and greatest flash effects.

Each for an event

Most of the light albums are made for a specific event. So where can you find the light albums? For getting their links, please visit one of your club’s fans channels.

One more thing, it is important...

FlashFans is the cheering device fans consistently rate “absolutely sensational”... But has been virtually impossible for fans to do until now. I have yet to meet a fan who could resist the excitement of using FlashFans. Excitement like…
  • The 'Two Peak Exciter Flash' (simple yet long lasting excitement is assured)

The profit rewards of correcting this revenue standoff...
will take your breath away

  • How to find fans’ 'S' spot (support spot)... that hyper sensitive little profit point you may never discover on your own.
  • The thrilling 3 hour plan recently discovered by Emotional Economist experts to ignite fan passion when you're having a bad run during the season... no matter how long the team's been in a rut! (game changing strategy)

And much, much more. Simply contact us to receive our exclusive executive club briefing.

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