Will this concert in a small town of 8,900 change music history?

Will this concert in a small town of 8,900 change music history?


Internationally acclaimed pop singer Magdi Rúzsa is introducing a brand new Hungarian innovation. This innovation will ‘light-up’ two of her most popular songs – “Milky Way” and “Without You” during her concert in the town of Agárd, on the bank of Lake Velence, Hungary.


If you’ve ever dreamed of being a part of, and actively help make music history (and have a blast doing it), then attending this concert can make your dream come true. Or if you simply want to follow this trend, read on…


Cheering has been progressing to the point that fans are participating by turning on their mobile phone flashlight during concerts and other events. Up

Rúzsa Magdi Agárd

Make history with Magdi by lighting up.

until now, those flashes have been either ‘off’ or ‘on’. This is about like using one note to make a melody.

But now, the same way a few notes add melody

to a tune, everybody’s smart phone will flash on

and off in perfect synchronized melodic harmony.  

When fans flash their phones at this (and future)

concerts, the show will come alive with pulsating



The music industry will change forever because

fans will be able to participate more actively, and Magdi needs your help to make history

engage more deeply than ever before. Even deeper -or-

engagement opportunities will be covered in future



So… If tickets are still available, and you can make it to Lake Velence on July 1, you can participate in a wickedly fun and innovative show. Hurry if you’re interested. If you can’t attend, keep track of our updates right here and get info on future venues.


This new innovation is called ‘FlashFans’, can be downloaded by smartphone from here free before the concert, just press ‘start’ when you want to participate (press again to stop) and you’re good-to-go. It requires no internet during the show and will only operate for a limited period of time before, during and after showtime, so you don’t have to worry about your light melodically flashing other times.


Cheer different by putting emotion into your light motion,


Laci Blum

Founder, FlashFans


P.S. Oh … and check out what fans who’ve seen our beta test are saying about this unique light show called FlashFans:

> You bet I was thrilled to participate, it was so cool – Adam C.

> I admit I’m a maniac fan, I’m totally mad about my team, and I’m happy to flash my phone at every single game – Adrian C.

> I was thrilled to see all those flashes –  Pepe S.

> A fan for life, I can’t wait to flash the next game – Andrew H.

> I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it – Hilda C.

> I felt like Cracking open the champagne… next time I’m bringing two phones to flash – I. Homer.

> Unique and cool in a flash – Marci B.


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