How To Create Your First Damn Cool Light Show … In Just 9 Minutes.

How To Create Your First Damn Cool Light Show
… In Just 9 Minutes.

For your next gig. Using your fans' phones!

You can time this if you want. Nine minutes is all you need.

If you're a musician or in the music business... at any stage of the biz (but craving to move up a level or two for your next gig) then READ THIS...

Even if have NO previous light show experience, NO tech skills, and NO clue about the business side of music... We'll have you flashing cool light show riffs in 9 minutes. Don't believe it? Fine... check it out for yourself for FREE. It's easy as 1-2-3... Let's get started, shall we?

  • Go to the link we provide you below. To see a demo, check this link.
  • Then, post the link on your social media, email, and wherever you communicate with your fans. Say (in your own words) you're going to have a cool light show surprise with your phones during the concert, ask your fans to download the light show app. Do several such messages – we can give you several variations. 2 minutes twice.
  • Then before you play at the concert, announce the same message again asking fans to download the light show app if they haven’t already, and press start on cue. Then during the concert give a cue (shout out to start the light show) they simply press start and their phones will flash together in melodic rhythm. 2 minutes
That's all there is to it. It really is that simple. Zero-to-flashing can be measured in minutes!

BANG your show together with your fans

Start your journey

Contact us the way most convenient for you:

The first time we try pretty much anything, we feel a little uncertain. So... feel free to contact me and we’ll walk your through it personally. You’ll have a cool and fun light show in no time flat. 

During your gig you should record the light show from the stage, no need for Hollywood quality, just capture it with any video device, phone or whatever. After the show, post it on your social media so your fans can see how cool it looks from the stage.

Get started now. Then with each show you can move up another level by adding a few advanced tricks from our...

Read on with ‘Double flash show results, then double them again’... It’s only a 7 minute read, it’ll have you connecting with your fans better than ever. Use it for your next gig and get bragging rights plus make huge bucks from each show. <get it here free>​

it’ll have you connecting with your fans better than ever.

Download the tutorial
Double flash show results, then double them again"!

Please fill in your details and we will contact you shortly.

​To your higher success,

Laci Blum

FlashFans co-founder

PS: It’s a good idea to hurry, we will only allow a limited number of free FlashFans shows in any area. If your competitor signs up first, you could be left out.

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